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Thanks to all of you, we hit our mark and have qualified for the next round in the grant process. We are now in the panel review stage to be considered for a $100K Chase Mission Main Street Grant.  What a tremendous outpouring of support we received from our family and friends, including many Chase grant applicants.

In appreciation to all of our friends who voted, shared and tagged your friends along with us to make this a successful round, we’re giving you all a FREE Brain Sugar Health sound program.

Now through July 23rd visit and choose from any of our “Brain Sugar mini pak” of powerful health programs: Recharge resets your mental battery, eCoffee - Espresso to increase your focus and concentration or use Relief to help with headache/pain for your Free gift! or you may select from the full list of Brain Sugar Health sound programs to receive a discount.

Quick and Easy Steps:

  • Go to
  • Click Shop and Choose one Brain Sugar Health Sound program.
  • Confirm your selection and enter  Coupon Code: chasegrant-thanks
  • Checkout to download!

We hope not to miss anyone who helped us out with this thank you, but if we do please send us a Facebook message, so we can be sure to include you.  

To learn how Brain Sugar Health can enhance your health and your life. Visit us at

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Musicians: Want to receive a licensing fee for the music you create/produce and have full licensing rights to the music?

We're looking for various styles of “ambient” music for our growing library of programs.


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