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“Brain Sugar” is a multifaceted app designed to provide you with a key set of elements to help you manage your health on a daily basis. It’s a mobile platform designed to engage you creating a health performance state where being healthy is a natural result: a healthy, conscious, daily result. Using the tools in Brain Sugar you will be able to manage your health in a whole new way. Think of a balanced health performance program where natural vitality is the result of doing things that work for you, consistently. It’s a life changing experience. Brain Sugar programs, tools, information and services give you every chance of experiencing life in your most balanced and highest functioning state. 

synchronization This set of images shows a person monitored via EEG using Brain Sugar’s tonal technology, with a clear and gradual increase towards a more powerful and coherent brain state after just a few minutes.

The 3 Electro-Encephalograph (EEG) maps shows someone’s brain moving from its normal state of electromagnetic disarray (normal life) into a more coherent state (image on the left) shown by the evenness of the brainwaves in both hemispheres. The amplitude of the actual electrical power of the brain also increased along with functional coherence! Brain Sugar scientifically-designed tonal programs improve brain function and cross-hemisphere connection thus increasing overall function of the brain in a coherent (whole) state. And like training the other parts of your body, the more time your brain spends in a more coherent and powerful state, the more easily it achieves that same level of function again throughout normal daily activities.

Additionally, Brain Sugar Health Management app uses multiple information streams that you can use as reminders to take care of yourself or as a way of managing a higher performance training regime.

brainwave states

The above FMRI data map shows how the frequency and coherence or organization of the brain wave patterns follow the sound environment into a more relaxed and powerful brain state.

Brain Sugar and Learning: Having all these positive effects emanate from just one of system that we can carry on our most ubiquitous modern portable sound device now allows Brain Sugar to provide so  much value to the user of the programs. The coherent or "whole-brain" state, produces an increase in actual brain power, literally axon potential and provides a powerful state in which the connection of new neural pathways/maps, aka "learning experiences", are likely to happen. This continual increase in more sophisticated learning opportunities promotes an neurologically active real time learning experience integrating the new connections immediately for much increased learning power.

A win win situation for all us participants!!

Brain Wave - Blog

One of the other elements available to Brain Sugar Subscribers is our Blog designated to be a public forum for where we will feature guest experts from many different fields all of which are synthesized into a complete health performance experience 


What do our customers say?

People have had phenomenal success using Brain Sugar products to provide solutions where no other solution has provided the same output. Some have had significant insight after starting

I played sleep deep the other night, and had the best night sleep I've had in years. No sleeping pills, no fog on waking up, woke up clearer than any cup of coffee will do.

Heather H. (CA)


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