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“Brain Sugar” is a multifaceted app designed to provide you with a key set of elements to help you manage your health on a daily basis. It’s a mobile platform designed to engage you in creating a health performance state where being healthy is a natural result: a healthy, conscious, daily result. Using the tools in Brain Sugar you will be able to manage your health in a whole new way. Think of a balanced health performance program where natural vitality is the result of doing things that work for you, consistently. It’s a life changing experience. Brain Sugar programs, tools, information and services give you every chance of experiencing life in your most balanced and highest functioning state. 


  • P|Dx Elite Performance

    P|Dx Elite Performance

    We create programs for athletes and other elite performers wanting to give themselves a powerful set of tools to help them achieve peak performance through higher brain interaction.

    We can also create a program or programs to help address specific performance situations that you want to prepare for.

  • Corporate Wellness

    Corporate Wellness

    Improve overall corporate efficiency by providing a set of productivity tonal programs and custom health programming. Brain Sugar will work with it's partners: Performance Dynamix and ZGS Beyond Business, our Systems Consulting Division, to design a path to new realistic levels of health performance and overall efficiency.

  • Musicians, DJ's, Producers

    Musicians, DJ's, Producers

    Are you a music producer, DJ, performer, musician or arranger wanting to deliver an un-matched sound experience to your audience? Our sound engineers can create a Brain Sugar program that will synthesize with your creation to make the best musical experience possible with limited licensing fees.

Two Beautiful Ways to #SweetenTheMind

Brain Sugar for Performance


Your quality of sleep greatly affects every aspect of our waking hours. Insufficient or poor quality sleep? You will eventually begin to see the effects in “mistakes,” errors of judgement and the suppression of your immune system.

Quality sleep is perhaps the biggest area in which Brain Sugar excels, when we are not occupied by the daily business of life. We have developed a number of sleep-related products, for optimal recovery through sleep.

Relax | Pain Relief

Most of us are under pressure to perform. The quality of our recovery and regeneration time between performances is greatly affected by what’s happening in our brains. If you are in pain or over-stressed, it’s difficult to relax let alone, recover.

Brain Sugar Relax and Pain Management programs encourage the brain to slow down, helping you to relax on-demand, to lessen pain from Migraines, back or neck pain, even pain from more serious events.

Slower, “meditative” brain states allow for a wider scope of perception, often leading to our most creative insights. Used consistently, even daily, you will train your brain to relax deeply while at or near your perceived limit.

Pick Me Up

As we have all experienced, different tasks or situations need different levels of attention.

Brian Sugar Pick-Me-Up programs not only enliven your state of mind but increase your memory and retention capability, without becoming overstimulated or nervous. From the short shot of ESPRESSOTM, designed to wake you up in just 10 minutes, to the variations of E-COFFEETM designed for such specific states as the narrowed precision of “concentration” or the openness of “attention.” All can be used over long periods to study or to work on longer projects.

Brain Sugar Pick Me Ups: the healthiest way to stay sharp.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you offer corporate and enterprise licensing?

    Corporate and Enterprise licensing solutions are available to stream or install on your company computers.

    Improve overall corporate efficiency by providing a set of productivity tonal programs and custom health programming. Brain Sugar will work with its’ partners Performance Dynamix and ZGS Beyond Business our Systems Consulting Division to design a path to new realistic levels of health performance and overall efficiency.

  • Q: How do I use Brain Sugar for best results?

    Some quick Brain Sugar usage tips:
    * It's essential to use a Stereo system for listening to the programs.

    • Best effect is usually achieved while using stereo headphones or earbuds (for each channel).
    • Best results will be attained over time when used consistently, every day for a short period rather than one long period per week.
    • If you are using one of the sleep or recovery programs find a quiet, dark place to recline.This will give your body the opportunity to relax along with your brain!
    • For Sleep Deep or one of the other “background mode” products, don't forget to use the repeat button on your player for multiple repeat usage.
    • If using stereo speakers place yourself in a central position relative to them.
    • Tune the volume such that you can hear the track but that it fades into the background of your attention, activity, sleep or work.
    • Turn off noise reduction filters i.e. Dolby, Surround Sound, Bass boost.
    • Create a habit of using for some period of every day for best cumulative effect – See Performance Dynamix programs for customized coaching.
  • Q: Where can I use Brain Sugar Health App tonal programs?

    Brain Sugar is designed to be used on via our App on mobile iOS devices and computers so its available to you anywhere or access to a computer. The programs are also designed to assist with every major state of consciousness from a highly alert state of concentration to the deepest sleep and anywhere in-between depending on your need.

    Note: On using Brain Sugar Health Programs for the first time the tonal programs will encourage your brain to balance its function which can cause some people a short period of drowsiness initially.

  • Q: When is the best time to use Brain Sugar?

    Brain Sugar tonal programs can be used anytime of the day or night, as the program names suggest. Use it in the morning to give your brain a jump-start or in the middle of the day to catch some quick recovery time in the afternoon to a better night’s sleep throughout the night.

  • Q: What equipment do I need?

    All you need is a digital player that will play either the Windows (MP3) or a mobile iOS 8 or higher device. You can also play the programs on a computer through your browser.

    Important: Use Stereo Sound systems always and turn off any noise or any other type of filters like Dolby.

  • Q: What other features are available?

    Brian Sugar is connected to at least two other information streams designed to assist you in making the most health-prolonging activities to include in your daily life. We have a twitter account specifically fed by world class coaches. The twitter feed @BrainSugarApp has daily health prompts to remind you to get out and smell the roses or even the snow if that's what it takes. You can also find us on Facebook! Our dedicated blog is created for people wanting a more in-depth discussion of the subject of how your health and fitness directly plays into the quality of life.

    Brain Sugar subscribers have a special program access to our Performance Dynamix personal coaching services for anyone. Services include one day of consulting to a full-time coach for serious elite/professional, recreational athlete, professional person or anyone recovering from a traumatic injury.

  • Q: What features are planned for future versions?

    Along with the regular communication from world class coaches we will be introducing a personal health management module to the app with links to your favorite monitoring gadgets to gather your data.

    Let us know what other features you would want to see. Just message us through chat or our contact form on the web site for the fastest response.

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