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  • Ah, a good night sleep, there seems to be little that compares to it.  However, the reality is that most of us rarely ever have that experience and feel it may only be a hopeless fantasy. Brain Sugar sleep programs are specially designed to gently and naturally deliver sounds waves that can help you get back the quality sleep you have been missing. Here are 4 Tips to help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

    Tip #1 Preparation Is Key

      • Prep your space ahead of time. Set out everything you need for the next day.
      • Develop consistent rituals & routines that mentally trigger your brain to slow down. Repeating the same process each evening.
      • Find the best time for you to be in bed each night that allow the optimal amount of hours you truly need to feel rested.

    Tip #2 Set up Your Sound Space

      • Brain Sugar works best when delivered on a stereo speaker(s) directed toward your head or by wearing a set of comfortable headphones or earbuds.
      • It’s best to sleep in a completely dark space.  Eye masks can be very helpful in achieving this.
      • Reduce the amount of surrounding noise. The binaural beats embedded into each Brain Sugar track are more effective when there isn’t any interference from other sources.

    Tip #3 Relax Your Body and Mind

      • Get yourself comfortable in your bed.
      • Begin a body relaxation routine.  Start at your toes, flex and hold each muscle group for a count of 5 to 10 seconds, moving toward your head and including your face. This will help to calm your neuromuscular system to release excess tension allowing your body to fully rest.
      • Avoid watching TV or looking at a computer screen can be over stimulating at a time when you are looking to slow your brain activity down.
      • Simply watch your thoughts. Pay attention to your thoughts without looking for solutions or answers. The more you practice the easier it becomes.
      • Breathe deeply.

    Tip #4 Selecting a Brain Sugar Track

      • If you have trouble getting to sleep try Brain Sugar’s Fall Asleepprogram. This soothing program delivers cues to relax your body that help you fall into a long night of quality sleep.

    ~Most people find it normalizes their sleep and decreases the amount of sleep they need to wake up fully recovered.

      • To improve the quality of your sleep throughout the night try using Brain Sugar’s Sleep Deep. This program is designed to be played in repeat mode, so you get the benefits for the entire night.

    Finally, don’t underestimate the power and importance of mentally and physically preparing yourself to sleep each night. Close each day mentally, stay present with each action letting go anything that isn’t happing right now. This permits your mind to be free and open to fully experience the wonderful effects of Brain Sugar and to receive a truly exceptional sleep experience. 

    Sweet Dreams!


  • Choose from our growing list of individual Brain Sugar Tonal Tracks currently available as MP3's. Play on any device.

  • Our iTunes app comes with Relief, Recharge & Espresso- three powerful tools to maximize your daily experience.

  • 30 minute Sleep Program – Listening to this sleep program in a quiet place will be worth as much as 3 times (3x) of regular sleep : the equivalent of one full 90 minute sleep cycle. The healthiest way to add productive time to your day!

    What our customers say

    I normally have light dreams during my naps and it seems I drift between waking and sleep. But with the Cat Nap I napped hard and had full length dreams. I am planning to post this on Face Book page!

    Andy H. (UT)

  • For when you have problems getting to sleep- we've created this product to give you the cues to relax your body and sound to help you fall into a long night of quality rest.

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